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We want to help veterans succeed in life because you deserve it.

The need for a website and video content continues to grow and is essential today to get your name out there. Websites are especially important because they can be used to sell things, gather information, promote products services online and many other uses. Todays world is completely different than we expected it to be so having a quality website for your business or organization is essential to maintaing an online presence.

Videos have been extremly popular for a long time and its only going to grow. Look at the stats on the infographic about online video. That tells us one thing; its time to get into video and here we are. We make videos as simple as video presentations, explainer videos, product reviews for social media and slideshows to music videos, promo videos, festivals and sports events just to name a few.


We want to help Veterans understand how easy it easy to own your own website.

A website doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars to look good and engage an audience. We are going to show you the basics of a website, what you should expect to pay and what to do after you have a website. A website consist of a domain name, the site itself and a web host. There are fees associated with every aspect mentioned. A domain name should cost you anywhere from $9.99/yr to $59.00/yr. The site contents are images and the words you use to design your site. It is best to create organic content specifically for your site alone. Being able to describe your product or service is important to get customers interested. Finally, a website has to be hosted to be able to be found on the internet. Hosting will cost you anywhere from $0.99/mo all the way to $199.00/mo depending on your needs.

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Videos done right

One-third of online activity is spent watching video. Videos can add a whole new level of professionalism in any aspect of online content.

We make videos as simple as video presentations, explainer videos, product reviews and slideshows to music videos, promo videos, festivals, sports or as big a production as you can come up with multiple cameras, lights and all the action. Video backgrounds for websites are a big trend now along with dynamic content. Instead of a slideshow of pictures how about we create a parralax effect with dynamic video that brings a different feel. If a picture can capture a thousand words what can a video do? Well it can tell a story, it can sell a product, take us places we never dreamed of, make us attracted to something, persuade us to like or dislike, promote something. we could go on and on... The possiblities are endless with video.

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A good domain is key for landing search engine results

Before you build a website you need to think of name for it. The name for your site is called a domain name, its what users type in to find your site. Semper Fi Design has partnered with the top rated web host of 2020: Dreamhost. Click the link below to see if your domain is availible. You get your domain name free when we host you.

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