About our company Semper Fi Design

Semper Fi Design is dedicated to Veterans and First Responders always!

After 8 long years in the Core, I pursued my dream as a firefighter and eventually worked towards and completed a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. I always thought about what I could do with website design, graphic design and eventually multimedia. After a series of a few tough years adjusting back to civilian life I knew I wanted something more from life. To help more people, help Veterans in need. The idea of Semper Fi Design came up after a few amazing events I had the privalige to attend in early 2017. We realized there had to be a big enough market in Veterans and First Resonders wanting something more from life. There is so much information out there, sometimes it is hard to start nad even harder to know where to go. Our professional goal is to provide affordable web development and business consulting to Veterans and First Responders. Our mission is to provide valuable resources and knowledge for the advancement of your personal goals.

Semper Fi Design is Marine Veteran owned and operated. We always strive for excellence in anything we do. We will continue to grow and find new ways accomplish any mission at hand. We have come to realize that the Marine Corps taught us true Core Values that can be carried over from our time of service to everyday life, leadership and ultimatly success. Success can mean a lot of different things as well, not just "getting rich". We will get to that later...

What We Do


Our Mission


Honor, Loyalty, Respect


Semper Fi Design is always willing to help a fellow brother or sister, let us know how to help.

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Need Help Now? CALL 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1>)

Everyday 22 Veterans commit suicide

Help us help those in need. It is crazy how many Veterans are left alone feeling like nothing else can help. I promise there is a life out there, one day at a time.